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2011 Chevrolet Explorer Van Conversion Low Top

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2011 Chevrolet Express 1500 Explorer Van Conversion Low top:  For your consideration is this wonderful nearly new Explorer standard roof van.  Very garagable at only 82" tall, this van packs a lot of bang for the buck.  Let's start with pearl to silver fade paint and smart looking ground effects.  Comfortably seats seven with all the creature comforts conversion vans have come to offer.  Dove gray leather seats with added walnut wood accents creates a mood of luxury and warmth.  Heated front seats with power lumbar, power recline and eight way adjustments can make you feel comfortable, if not spoiled .  Check out the power moonroof, back up camera, USB and 12V ports, Ipod chargers, LED indirect lighting and cup holder lighting and a nice Led Tv with Dvd player.  Center seats are removable if needed as is the center console.  Truly a beautiful van ready for around town or a planned trip.  Travel in comfort and look Smart! Warranty included and financing is available !!

Retail Price
Our Price
USD $ 42,995

Ready for wheelchair lift equipment!

Call today to learn about our at-home or office nationwide delivery options:
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Pearl white to Silver fade
Interior Color
Dove gray
Engine Type
Express 1500
Body Type
Conversion Van
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Moonroof, leather, walnut, Tv, Ipod chargers
Stock #
Factory Warranty

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