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2008 Roadtrek 170***Year End Sale*** $44,995

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pvans 0441382117907_pvans 044.JPG
pvans 0441382117907_pvans 044.JPG
pvans 0451382117909_pvans 045.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0041374259979_2008 Roadtrek 004.JPG
pvans 0461382117910_pvans 046.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0081374259985_2008 Roadtrek 008.JPG
pvans 0471382117912_pvans 047.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0091374259987_2008 Roadtrek 009.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0101374259988_2008 Roadtrek 010.JPG
pvans 0481382117913_pvans 048.JPG
pvans 0491382117915_pvans 049.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0111374259990_2008 Roadtrek 011.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0121374259991_2008 Roadtrek 012.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0131374259993_2008 Roadtrek 013.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0141374259994_2008 Roadtrek 014.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0151374259996_2008 Roadtrek 015.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0161374259998_2008 Roadtrek 016.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0171374259999_2008 Roadtrek 017.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0181374260001_2008 Roadtrek 018.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0191374260002_2008 Roadtrek 019.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0201374260005_2008 Roadtrek 020.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0211374260007_2008 Roadtrek 021.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0221374260009_2008 Roadtrek 022.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0231374260011_2008 Roadtrek 023.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0241374260012_2008 Roadtrek 024.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0251374260014_2008 Roadtrek 025.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0261374260016_2008 Roadtrek 026.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0271374260018_2008 Roadtrek 027.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0281374260020_2008 Roadtrek 028.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0291374260022_2008 Roadtrek 029.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0301374260027_2008 Roadtrek 030.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0311374260029_2008 Roadtrek 031.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0321374260031_2008 Roadtrek 032.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0331374260033_2008 Roadtrek 033.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0341374260034_2008 Roadtrek 034.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0351374260036_2008 Roadtrek 035.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0361374260037_2008 Roadtrek 036.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0371374260039_2008 Roadtrek 037.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0381374260040_2008 Roadtrek 038.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0391374260043_2008 Roadtrek 039.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0401374260045_2008 Roadtrek 040.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0411374260046_2008 Roadtrek 041.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0421374260047_2008 Roadtrek 042.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0431374260049_2008 Roadtrek 043.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0441374260051_2008 Roadtrek 044.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0451374260052_2008 Roadtrek 045.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0461374260058_2008 Roadtrek 046.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0471374260059_2008 Roadtrek 047.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0481374260061_2008 Roadtrek 048.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0491374260063_2008 Roadtrek 049.JPG
2008 Roadtrek 0501374260065_2008 Roadtrek 050.JPG
pvans 0501382117916_pvans 050.JPG

2008 Roadtrek Popular 170 Van Travelor Class B motorhome:  Just arrived for your travel adventures is this small class b van camper.  Fully self contained with all those features you desire, this motorhome will meet or exceed your expectations especially with the upgraded gray suade leather interior. At only 18' in length, it packs a lot of bang for your buck.  There is a rear dinette that makes into a bed.  Watch Tv on your flat screen Tv and a Dvd included.  Flush toilet with shower surround curtain and built in floor drains.  This kitchen has a gas cooktop, sink, microwave, hot and cold water,  and a nice size frigerator with freezer.  A rear A/c unit is built into the top.  The Roadtrek van is built for easy driving and easy parking.  Take it most anywhere your traveling heart desires incuding the countryside or close quarters in city driving.  Gas mileage is of course superior than most motorhomes or small campervans. Expect in the 14-17mpg range.  This van has been serviced and comes with a very extensive warranty.  Remember, we delivery nationwide.


Retail Price
Our Price
USD $ 48,995

Ready for wheelchair lift equipment!

Call today to learn about our at-home or office nationwide delivery options:
1 (877) 370-8333

Interior Color
Gray leather
Engine Type
  • Sold
170 Popular
Body Type
Class B
Drive Type
Fuel Type
fully self contained
Stock #
90 Days/4500 Miles

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