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2014 Chevrolet Express Explorer Conversion

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2014 Chevrolet Explorer Conversion Van:  Just recieved is this 2014 Explorer X Se top of the line conversion van.  Alpine White with beige parchment interior, walnut wood decor and trim.   Fabulous van with most the amenities you can order.  20" chrome alloy wheels look striking against the Alpine white exterior.  LED interior indirect lighting gives off an ice blue light that reflects off the hi gloss walnut trim.  Rear moonroof is powered up front near the driver and a sun screen will eliminate most sun penetration if wanted.  Interior cup holders are backlit by the ice blue LED's.  Entertainment system consists of a large flat screen Tv, wireless headsets, Dvd and game controls.  There is also a booster control for the bass speakers.  Front seats are heated, with multiple power adjustments including lumbar.  Built in ceiling cabinets are functional.  The van also has remote start, On Star, and Usb ports that also function to the radio.  Rear backup camera work well out of the rear view mirror.  The front air dam houses the LED running lights.


Retail Price
Our Price
USD $ 58,995

Ready for wheelchair lift equipment!

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Alpine White
Interior Color
Beige leather
Engine Type
Express 1500
Explorer Ltd Se
Body Type
Conversion Van
Drive Type
Fuel Type
Sport roof, X pkg, leather, Usb, alloy wheels
Stock #
Factory Warranty

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