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Full Size Full size wheel chair vans

Full size wheel chair vans are modified vans so that they can be used by handicap people. Modification is done by lowering the floor and then adds a ramp or adds a powered lift so that chair can be rolled into van or it is picked up from the ground to make same level as the floor of van. A range of vans are modified to make them suitable for handicaps.

We are one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of full size wheel chair vans. We specialize in modification of all types of wheel chair vans in such a manner that they provide same comfort as real van. Our modification cost is very less as compared to other modifiers. You have plenty of space in full size vans. It makes easier to maneuver inside the vehicle.

We are providing online facility to choose any wheel chair van. You can see an extensive range of modified full size wheel chair vans and their features online from our website. You will get wheel chair vans according to your necessitate. Our full size wheel chair vans provide freedom, accessibility, and independence to physically challenged people.